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True Believers! That magical day is again upon us! The day the heavens crack and the mighty Odin rides in on eight-legged Sleipnir, descending from the clouds with a sack of free comic books for only the bravest and truest of the girls and boys! (Is anyone else excited for Thor? Got your prop hammers and winged helmets ready? No? Just me then? Well, fine.)

C’mon down this Saturday to The Comic Book Shoppe at 228 Bank Street and wrap yo mouf around some Superhero Geek Sweets cupcakes, on sale all day (or until I run out!)

Miss these at the CBS Art Gala? Don’t miss ’em this time!

Thumbs up for geeky cupcakes!

And while you’re nomming, you can of course pick up your Free Comic Book Day comics and take part in the festivities of the day. There’ll be face painting, appearences by the Ghostbusters and the Star Wars 501st Legion, Sinestro, Tinkerbell & friends, as well as many other wandering costumed heroes to geek-out over.

I myself will be “Casual Friday Poison Ivy,” because Ivy had a crazy week and can’t find the bottom half of her costume. She’s still fearsome. In jeans. And a set of scuffed up Pumas. Right? Yeah, scaaaaaary.

Be there or be without some free comics and a cupcake in your belleh!

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