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It’s almost upon us.

Another holiday that gives us a glorious excuse to chow down on tasty sweets, to shove fistful after fistful of cinnamon candy hearts into our mouths until our tongues glow with red dye #2.

That’s right folks – I’m talkin’ ’bout Kissy Face Day:

Have you bought some sweets for your sweetie yet? Some sugar for your… uh, Sugar Daddy? Sugar Daddies love cupcakes. It’s a fact.

If not, take a look at our selection of noms for Valentines Day 2011!

First up on Geek Sweet’s Kissy Face Day menu are some valentines themed macarons. These dainty little Parisian treats are gaining popularity here in the western world. Europe knows the score – you can even buy macarons at McDonalds in France. They’re delicate and crisp on the outside, with a richy chewy inside that pulls its flavour from whatever you sandwich between the two smooth cookies; chocolate ganache, flavoured buttercreams, jam, anything sweet and tasty that tickles your fancy. My love affair with these treats has only just begun, but now that I’ve got them down pat, you can expect to see some fun new flavours pop up here on a fairly regular basis.

Raspberry macarons with vanilla bean buttercream and raspberry jam filling. $20 per dozen

Fluffy, airy bottoms grow on the cookies while baking, often called “feet.” 

I had to bite into many a macaron to get the perfect shot here. HAD TO. No choice. It was horrible.
Strawberry macarons with a rich champagne buttercream filling. $20 per dozen.

All macarons come packaged by the dozen in attractive packaging with ribbon and a valentines gift tag you you can put your sweetheart’s name on.

Macarons also make trendy wedding favors, and their packaging, tag and flavours can be tweaked to match your wedding colour and theme. Honey lemon macarons in green packaging with a pink ribbon would be great for a spring wedding. Or maybe Dark Chocolate Caramel macarons with brown packaging and an orange ribbon for a fall wedding? Endless opportunity for deliciousness!

 If this sounds interesting to you and you’re tying the knot anytime soon, send me an email and we’ll get all giddy about wedding favours. I can re-live my own wedding day vicariously through you. It doesn’t have to be weird. *cough.* They’re also great for baby showers or birthday party favours.

Next up: 2-Bite cupcakes. 

That’s right. Get in on somma dis action.

Super moist red-velvet cupcakes with creamy cream cheese frosting and a little tiny heart sprinkle. Sold by the dozen in a sweet metallic red box with ribbon and a tag for $20.

2-bite cupcakes can be made in a variety of mouth watering flavours. Just send me an email and let me know what you’re looking for.

I’ve saved the best for last:

I know, rite?!

These I’m a little in love with. And so is Mr. B judging by the pile of hot pink crumbs and crumbled fortunes that have amassed around him in the 2 days he’s been playing Mass Effect. These vanilla almond fortune cookies are just like the classics, only hot pink and filled with customized fortunes. They can say whatever you want inside:

Choose your own fortunes, or be surprised with a selection of geeky phrases and quotes. Want all your fortunes written in LOLcat? YOU CAN HAZ.

Let your Star Trek lovin’ hubby know his future is gonna be A-OK.

6 custom hot pink fortune cookies with a grab-bag of geeky-ness or fortunes of your choosing, packaged up in an adorable chinese take away box with ribbon and a tag – $20. If anyone out there is thinking of popping the question, this would be a great way to do it!

So there you go. Valentines for us geeks taken care of. Get your order in, then relax on the couch with some Little Big Planet 2, secure in the knowledge that your Kissy Face Day will be a success.

And if you do propose via a custom fortune cookie, then your first born must have the middle name “Geek Sweets.” 


Alright, well at least consider me for the wedding cake, then.

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