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EB Games at Trainyards here in Ottawa is opening its doors at 12:01 am tonight to a lineup of excited gamers waiting anxiously to get their hands on the new Call of Duty. And the store manager thought it would be nice to reward their hours of waiting in line with a Geek Sweets cupcake with every game purchase. Isn’t that swell of him? Don’t you want to just kiss him on the cheek?

Well don’t, because he’s my husband. And I’d be terribly jealous.

I sat up for many an hour last night turning my hand into a withered claw using the Wilton grass tip on 100 vanilla bean buttermilk cupcakes. Not an easy decorating technique as I discovered. Yeowch.

100 cupcakes. Dat’s a lotta cupcakes!

I also discovered my love of actual vanilla bean flavouring, as opposed to liquid vanilla extract. Similar flavour, but more prominent, a richer more intense vanilla reminiscent of vanilla ice cream, I find.  

Little vanilla bean specks – like cupcake freckles! Or some kinda tasty pox.

Mr. B scoured toy stores for little green army men before finally snapping up the last two packages at Walmart. Little army men seemingly not very popular. Do kids not play war with little army men anymore?

Of right, they’re playing Call of Duty.

Well I love ’em:

My favourite is this guy, crawling around in the buttercream grass.And this guy with his dopey face who is *clearly* an agent for China.And then there’s this cheerful bastard who’s all “This way to your doom fellahs! Hey hey!”We packaged them up and brought them over to EB this afternoon where they’re waiting in the back room next to an even more gigantic pile of the games themselves.

All packaged and ready to go in a big stack. Buy the game, get a cupcake. Then use the ensuing sugar high to play all damn night.

So if you’re heading to Trainyards tonight to pick up your copy, enjoy your cupcake! And if you’re not, well, poo. Just order a dozen of your very own! You can make them fight like the store manager and assistant manager did: 

He later corrected his mistake, admitting that “pew pew pew” is the noise a LAZER GUN makes.Now I’m off to EB to check out the launch, for a few reasons:

1.) To see the giant lineup

2.) To see people enjoying the cupcakes (always my favourite part of baking)

3.) To eat some chip truck fries with lotsa salt and vinegar. Mmmmmmm… chip truck fries…

See you there!

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  • Sloan

    War, delicious war.
    Wonderful as always miss.

  • Trish

    These are wonderful, Jenny! So creative & funny. I hope the COD launch was a success.

  • Amy, Splendid Events

    Well done Jenny! Clearly these were a ton of work but the final product is pretty darn impressive! And I love the closeups of the soldiers' poses 🙂

  • Jordan

    I was scrolling through your blog for the first time, loving things but in that web-surfing trance that happens when scrolling…until I saw these babies. I LOVE THEM. How much fun!!! So simple, yet so rock-tastic-mazing. Well done.

  • Ashelle

    OMG. Please tell me that you will be doing this again when the next damn COD comes out. Last one my boyfriend and I waited at a different EB. I must admit that the scene was great to watch from the comfort of my car with coffee in hand… but it was a long freaking wait. But one of those cupcakes would be worth the wait.

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  • Amy

    I'm going to soooo copy your idea! I stumbled upon your blog because my son wanted a Call of Duty themed party and I was just looking for ideas on Call of Duty cupcakes! These are magnificent!

  • Jenny Burgesse

    Thanks very much Amy! I hope your party was a success. 🙂

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