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It’s that magical, hairy time of year again. Movember, when moustaches begin to creep up on the faces of our husbands, fathers and brothers in order to raise awareness for Men’s Cancers.

A Handlebar for hope.
A Pencil with purpose.
A Fu Manchu for… um…

Yeah, I got nothin’ for that one.

And what’s manlier than Irish Whiskey? I’ll tell yah what is – Irish Whiskey baked into a cupcake, dressed like a Whiskey Sour.

The traditional vintage Whiskey Sour is made up of whiskey, lemon juice, an egg white, and sugar syrup. In honour of manly men everywhere and to help raise awareness for the Movember cause, I created a companion cupcake that’ll put just as much hair on your chest.

A lemon cupcake with a tart whiskey lemon curd filling, topped with a light, airy meringue frosting and dressed like the namesake drink – rimmed with sugar, topped with a homemade candied orange slice and a maraschino cherry. No doilies under this cupcake, baby.

These cupcakes were an adventure, I tell yah. The most difficult of which, was tracking down the little plastic skewers to put the maraschino cherry on. I scoured the internet to no avail and searched every store in my area that I thought might carry such an item and each store was a no-go.

Then one night over a shared basket of fries at Scores Restaurant, smarty-pants Mr. B up and asks the waitress “Hey, do you have some drink skewers that we could have? My wife is making cupcakes.” And just like that, the waitress comes out with a napkin full of what to me at that current moment, was FREAKIN’ GOLD.

Thanks Scores! Also, thanks for your Chicken Salad Sandwich. Seriously.

My next challenge was the candied oranges. The process takes quite awhile, but is pretty easy. You’re basically just making a simple sugar syrup in a pan filled with sliced oranges. No biggie.

Pretty, right? They smelled great too.


2 minutes after that photo was taken, they practically burst into flames, they burnt so badly. So if you’re ever making candied oranges, don’t let yourself get distracted by uploading a picture of said oranges to Twitter. Not even for 2 minutes.

My last challenge was Italian Meringue. Difficult because I don’t have a candy thermometer and I had to periodically drip the syrup into a bowl of cold water to gauge what stage it was in. But it came out soft and fluffy like it’s supposed to and I loved it. There’s nothing better then discovering a new frosting.

Lookit all the floof! So much floofs!


But my favourite part of these cupcakes, was the filling. Whiskey Lemon Curd. Mmm. The recipe made enough to fill two and a half dozen cupcakes with a nice hefty amount leftover for me to slather on toast for breakfast for many days to come.

And boy, will I! I’ll post the recipe in the next few days, because no one should start their day without a mouthful of toast, butter, lemon curd and whiskey. Big bite. Right in da mouf.

So creamy and tart and awesome.


Here’s where I ask you for your help. First off, here is mine and my husband’s link to donate to the Movember cause. Click it, and you’ll see his crazy-pants Lemmy beard that, much to my dismay, he’s decided to keep.

Aw, I still love him, though. And his goofy face.

Secondly, I’ve entered these cupcakes into the National MoCupcakes contest!



There’s only one vote per IP address so make it count. Make it for yours truly.

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  • Beauty school Advisor

    They turned out beautifully!!

  • Cosmetology Schools

    I was working with Italian Meringue the other day. It can be a little difficult but your cupcakes look great!

  • My Social Beauty

    Good luck in the National MoCupcakes contest!

  • kids shoes

    Wow! Those are so pretty! That's the one craft I can't get a grasp on…I can knit like crazy, but going to one needle (hook) just blows my mind!