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Diabetic-friendly Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Splenda Buttercream

It’s almost here guys! Halloween! Candy! Costumes! Parties! Exclamation marks! Seriously, forget Christmas, THIS is my favourite holiday. 

These spiderweb cupcakes (which are almost sugar free, believe it or not,) were actually much easier to create than I thought they would be, thanks to Wilton Candy Melts. Is there *ANYTHING* that stuff can’t do?

Tutorial forthcoming after I’ve had a loooong weekend of debauchery and am able to peel myself up off the floor, chocolate bar wrappers all stuck to my face.


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  • Nancy

    Those look awesome! Looking forward to the tutorial!

  • Erika

    What about your juicy brains cupcakes?

  • Jenny Burgesse

    They'll be posted along with my Halloween wrap-up shortly… With a pic of you in your zombie duds eating one, if that's alright! 🙂

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