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Had a great time on A Morning Ottawa today with Kurt Stoodley. I brought along all the fixin’s for Rocky Road Cake Pops and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Pops and we dipped like chocolate-hungry fools and chatted about the cake biz.

Then I left behind a bunch of pops and cupcakes in hopes it will have them invite me back. No harm in greasing the wheels, right? With, um… frosting…



You can grab the recipe for basic cake balls on the A Morning Ottawa website and watch this clip from the show to learn how to make your very own 2 bite cakes on sticks:

Who’da thunk it – cake on a stick. I love our crazy future where books and magazines are on a little handheld portable screen and cake is on a stick. Is bacon on a stick a thing yet? Let’s make that a thing.

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  • @amwaters

    Looks like you had a blast with the cake pop segment at A-Channel. Awesome.

  • Ashelle

    Awesome! I'm so jealous that William Shatner tweeted you!

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