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Guess where I’m going to be this weekend?

That’s right folks! It’s Game Summit time! 3 days of sweet gaming goodness – boardgames, miniatures, roleplaying, and all kinds of other fun events all under one roof. It’ll be a geektastic good time. 

Look for my table of goodies near the registration booth. Not registered yet? Why not, fool! Get on it. Then come on Saturday or Sunday to nom on all kinds of fun goodies, such as these:

Little known fact: Meeple taste like vanilla tootsie roll.

Triumph over the ancient one not by closing gates, but but biting off his frosted head. O R’lyeh? Ya R’lyeh.

And that’s not all! But I can’t spoil all the surprises. So c’mon out and satisfy your sweet tooth. And your… um… gaming tooth. Is that a thing? I may have just made that up.

Either way, thank Shub-Niggurath that I’ll be  too busy selling tasty treats to take y’all on at Munchkin. I’m quite sneaky. A force to reckoned with. Just when you least expect it, out comes the the Plutonium Dragon and a wandering monster card that’s been laying dormant in my hand from the very beginning. Bam.

I’m very munchkinly.

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  • Paula

    Have a blast! Your cupcakes, toppers and cookies are as awesome as you are.

  • Tokkan

    All you need is a sign that says "GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY."

    And we shall. Oh yes.

  • Larissa

    Will you be there on Sunday too? That's the only day I can go and your treats looks super tasty (and cute!) so I hope so!

  • Jenny Burgesse

    I *will* be there Sunday – just noticed I put the wrong dates! Saturday and Sunday all day I'll be there. 🙂

  • Ashelle

    Love these little green guys. So you've done a vampire pony and these green swamp dudes… have you done zombies? And if so… that's awesome.

  • designPirate

    I absolutely love your Cthulhu cookies! I did some about a year ago but just did the head. Yours are lovely!

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